Inventions That Transformed Warfare

The history of warfare can be traced back to the days of civilization. During that period, spears, bows, and arrows were the conventional weapons. Horses and chariots were used by traditional militaries to reach the enemy’s base. However, things changed with time after the introduction modern artillery and fighter jets. Machine guns and explosives were mostly used during the First World War. The Second World War marked the introduction of more powerful weapons. Chemical and atomic weapons were used during this period, the most memorable one being the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From that period, we have witnessed technology playing a significant role in warfare with the improvement of several weapons and the introduction of new ones.

Technology has impacted warfare by reducing collateral damage. The use of advanced targeting systems has reduced the number of casualties in war.  They are designed to focus on the enemy’s base or particular area before launching an assault. The accuracy used also helps reduce the damage to property and other structures. Deadlier weapons introduced have proved to be efficient during warfare because they release more ammunition and hitMilitary Drone wide range targets. We have seen a drop in the number of soldiers on the ground because of the different inventions. Several technologies have made a significant difference in the military scene. They include:


They are small aircraft that do not carry troops and are controlled from the ground in the military base. Soldiers are now able to move weapons during a war whenever they are far from the battlefield. Using drones leaves nobody in danger because it is controlled from a different place. This has helped reduce the number of military fatalities during warfare.


Submarines made significant transformations in maritime warfare. It is an underwater vessel which is used to attack enemy ships. In the same capacity, they are used to monitor activities underwater and prevent attacks. It is capable of operating in areas not under the control of a particular country The Submarinewithout attracting unnecessary attention. Lately, they are used to transport weaponry and support operations from the land by acting as a monitoring and communication base.

Nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons are termed as a dark invention in military technology. This is because of the trails of destruction it has left since it was first used during the Second World War. The twin bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought about fear of nuclear destruction to the world. Nuclear weapons are capable of causing major damages on a broader area. World bodies and superpowers have come up with strict policies on the manufacture and use of atomic weapons.